Guest post: Crossing the print and digital divide

Our guest, John Doe discusses the popular topic

Being relatively new to the printing world and also a millennial, I find myself slap bang on the border of the print and digital divide. Print has always been the cornerstone in retail marketing for generations. Being one of the greatest technical advancements to drive western civilization, print was and still is, extremely relevant. However, no matter how good the design and presentation is on an outdoor banner, If someone’s face is glued to their phone to see what Kim Kardashian might do next, the message is lost. Print is not digital. In this day and age where a vast online world is available at everyone’s fingertips, it begs the question of: How do we combine the two?

Digital is interactive; it is dynamic and can provide instant cross referencing and comparisons. It is multi-media sharing across multiple channels all in the confines of a mobile device and it’s a new way of experiencing different content. Print is traditional, it’s engaging, it’s something you can physically feel and it’s proven to work.

With this showing how different the two platforms are, I used to believe it isn’t a question of trying to merge the two, but what is to be done differently between them? The way of marketing in the digital world such as social media, email, advertising and promotion is the flip side of a coin to the way of marketing using print: POS, direct mail and signage.


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